X-Message-Number: 1165
Date: 27 Aug 92 07:34:29 EDT
From: Paul Wakfer <>

Public Apology To Keith Henson
>From Saul Kent and Paul Wakfer

We apologize to Keith Henson for including his posting on
CRYONET in our book *Its Time For A Change*.  In future, we
will not consider reproducing anything Keith puts on CRYONET
unless he asks us to.


Date: 27 Aug 92 07:43:52 EDT
From: Paul Wakfer <>


Whereas, I am proud of everything that I am and do, and thus would
    have no need at all for privacy were it not for the potential of
    government persecution, and
Whereas, I believe that the unfettered circulation of someone's
    verbal or written statements is of paramount importance for the
    verification of their truth or falsity, and the subsequent
    determination of that person's integrity, and
Whereas, I hold that having as one's default the trust of one's fellow
    man/woman to have the intelligence and common sense to treat
    honestly and fairly what one says/writes, is a necessary component
    of an immortalist/libertarian/extroprian worldview, 
I hereby give blanket permission for the duplication and
    dissemination, in any information format whatsoever, of anything I
    have said or written, or will say or write, except that I must be
    given attribution, and except for that verbal or written output
    which is potentially marketable (and which I will then
    specifically indicate is copyright), and
I hereby state that I will no longer enter into a dialogue with
    anyone who applies copyright to that dialogue, except with respect
    to that part which involves a marketable product or idea, and
Therefore, I hereby give notice that I will not accept the copyright
    (ie. I will be free to duplicate and disseminate, at my
    discretion, in any information media whatsoever) of anyone who
    enters into dialogue with me.

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