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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: Assisted termination and Cryonics expansion
Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 21:25:31 +0100

Colorado seem to be a bit unsure, Holland or Switzerland not yet. For
Cryonics expansion the market needs to be widened outside US.
Hospice in US may be a good idea but another one in cooperation here options
better sometimes, not much of a problem since they are all over.
As another option now, all or some Cryo-org could find out about is if
assisted termination can be done around here, to start with a standby team
and perhaps later with a more permanent setup, I've suggested before and
Kennita did recently. I don't need it but like it as an option for Cryonics
PR. Can anyone else find out or do I have to do that also?
I guess basics sell more than Turing machines etc.

PS If it works I also add a posting as was first started in a more proper
newsgroup if you like to search and read.


Thomas Nord
Stockholm (Sweden)

We can all die suddenly. Read:
 r livet f r kort? D den deprimerande? L s:

pe handguns is very restricted and rifles mostly more
restricted than in US. As in Switzerland some of us can have rifles at home
for the civildefense. In Israel the homogenous Jews carry handguns against
Arabs, that's another matter hard to compare with the US issue. Compared in
% per capita US is worse than Canada no doubt from many sources all over.
Swimmingpools and cars also kills some learn out over and over, so do
smoking, alcohol, polluting and wrong eating etc. Lets take on one at the
time. We can avoid pools and be careful, also when belted driving in a newer
very safe (diesel) car etc. But its very hard to avoid a bullet. A bad guy
with a knife may have to struggle and get messy, most of us can train to
avoid them. A handgun makes life easier for them in comfort at a distance.

In new pages from US its said guns killed more than cars before, in a few
states its reversed now. What is suicides here and there takes to much time
to sort out, done with cars doesn't happen much here. With a gun its to fast
and is hard to reverse if done in a bad mood as may change for the better.
Otherwise with no gun most attempts are reversed. A right to die with pills
is another matter, may be better as its going on in Colorado, Holland and
Switzerland where we in the old world is ahead a bit.

One mail feared future invasion from Mexico, we feel almost the same from
northern Africa. Several in US feel guns must be kept in fear of US
government turning bad. Thats a harder nut to crack but learn from us how we
built up the rulings. First where at least Sweden is ahead is transparency
what they all do, here almost no papers at all can be kept in secret for
what we pay high taxes.
Then its rules against electionfundings in certain ways as US also wishes
and is working on to get at least partly.

For national defense we have a draftsystem as may be better even if it
learns more how to kill but not with own guns. We have only had one maniac
killing in connection to the military, and that one could have been avoided
in better testing and scanning we learned.

Every citizen must have funding for housing healthcare and food, not ruled
out as single men and others often are in US. Here all get funded but with
strict rules against the sloppy ones and illegal immigrants. In US a
criminal can blame the lacking funding.
Long time in jail keeps the bad guys away but cost a lot, has never worked
anywhere in any study to be good. Only a few % are hopeless and need to be
put away permanently, death is hard to reverse after wrong judgement if
Cryonics doesnt work. Or are the US hoods more stupid than here and other
places where they can be trained to be good? Most of them here is hard
working and a bit smart not to get jailed at once, they just have a
mentalproblem not having learned the rules. Drugaddicts needs treatment not
cured with keys and bars. It cost a lot bringing a kid up in life, adding
that with locking up is bad economy.

I think this is long enough for today and get back as soon as possible if it
doesnt turn into endless arguments.

Thomas Nord
Stockholm (Sweden)

We can all die suddenly. Read:
 r livet f r kort? D den deprimerande? L s:

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