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Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 01:15:00 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Virtual reality already exists in dream states.

As far as the question as to whether we will ever be able to create virtual 
realities, please 

consider the experience of lucid dreaming, in which we demonstrate that we 
already HAVE this 

capability and can, to a greater degree than most people realize, control it 

With some effort it is possible to learn to become fully conscious in dream 
states and to 

directly experience environments which are just as detailed, vivid and "real" as
any expereinced 

when awake.  I have done this myself, as have numerous others.  One of the best 
books on this 

subject is LUCID DREAMING by Stanford University professor Stephen LaBerge.  
Those who are 

unaware of the details regarding this phenomena should note that conscious 
communication in the 

laboratory from dreaming subjects has been verified numerous times such that 
lucid dreaming is a 
demonstrated scientific fact and not a mere hypothesis nor delusion. 

My point is that in the dream state one is already able to generate and 
experience virtual 

realities which are indistinguishable from "real" reality.  This can be verified
by any 
individual interested in making the requisite effort to learn to do so.

To better access this already-available human capability should certainly be 
possible as we 

unravel the workings of the brain.  Currently it is a skill which can be 
developed but does 

require sleep and effort to be achieved.  Future developments in brain research 
will hopefully 

tap into this capability which already is present, making it an on-command 
event, probably at 
the push of a button.  

I therefore find the question regarding whether we CAN develop a highly 
sophisticated virtual 

reality which is indistinguishable from this one to have been answered already 
both in the 
laboratory and in my personal experience.

See you in my dreams!

-George Smith
CI member 

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