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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: Termination
Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 16:53:06 +0100

It seems we have all missed this before as I posted yesterday:
Colombia is currently the latest country to legalize voluntary euthanasia,
and the only one where the legislation seems to be standing. Colombia's
Constitutional Court in June 1997 reaffirmed its May ruling (in which 6
judges were in favor and three voted against) that allowed euthanasia for
terminally ill patients who request it. Congress still has power to regulate
the law, but not to object to it.

Or is it unlikely we will do anything there due to its reputation until
Colorado may be clear?
Holland and Switzerland seem to be ruled out.

Thomas Nord
Stockholm (Sweden)

We can all die suddenly. Read:
 r livet f r kort? D den deprimerande? L s:

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