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Date: Sun, 02 May 1999 23:32:33 -0700
From: Hara Ra <>
Subject: Re: from cryonet, re soul

Andrea is not on cryonet, but wrote up this response several months ago. I
didn't find it until today, so here it is. Please cc any replies to

-- Hara Ra


In response to: 

You wrote:
>I do believe in a soul. We can remove all your extremties, even replace many 
>of your organs and you will still be you. You are not your body. I happen to 
>believe the the soul leaves the body when it dies and inhibits a new one or 
>reincarnation. Which, if true, would mean that when the suspended body is 
>revived, it would have a new soul.

I do believe in reincarnation too and am a signed up cryonicist. Hara Ra
forwarded your message to me because I can't stand all the ... on cryonet.
However, this topic is of obvious interest to me. After long and deep
consideration, I decided to sign up so that I would be able to return with
all of my learning of this life intact, rather than having to start all
over again.

>I personally want nothing greater than to be able to live in the future, so 
>cryonics is a very inticing idea for me. But consider this; Suppose cryonics 
>works and it suspends your soul and it is also true that reincarnation is 
>real. What possibilities does that open up?

Your soul will not get suspended. It will do what souls do after leaving
the body. Return to the Source, rest, recuperate and integrate the life's
lessons, be in bliss and/or  assist other souls still incarnated on earth
(depending on one's level of consciousness).

Because a commitment is made to return to the body which was cryo preserved
upon its revival, the soul will simply re-enter when that time arrives. I
believe (and experience) that in 'soul space' time and space do not exist.
So it does not matter how long it takes. If revival is unsuccessful, the
soul can then choose to incarnate via the usual route. 

I'm not very worried about future evil intentions. A tremendous amount of
resources and technology would have to be applied to revive suspended
brains/bodies. I believe it would only be done out of true compassion and
only after humanity has made some radical changes for the better and major
problems of scarcity and overpopulation, etc. have been solved.

>Now it you believe in reincarnation, you will see the future anyway, in a
>body, possibly one that has been genetically engineered to perfection. I am 
>still struggling with the issue of cryonics, do I trust is science or do I 
>trust in God?

My dear, there is no difference. There is nothing outside of That. Every
mind is a part of God's mind and every scientific discovery, creation or
development is a creation out of the mind of God, Universal Mind, or
whatever you want to call it. There is no other mind. Even obscure and
unenlightened minds are expressions of That. You and I and That, No
Difference. We are free to create whatever we want! Delight is the Creator!
Just make your choices as wisely and joyfully as you are able.

Blessings to you,

Andrea van de Loo <>
Blessed be the Great Mother who transforms us all.

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