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Date: Fri, 28 Aug 92 14:11:00 -0700
Subject: Trans Time suspends Lynne Marsh


                Lynne Marsh Suspended by TRANS TIME

                         by Art Quaife

Many cryonicists know Dr. Richard Marsh, who is Professor Emeritus
of Broadcast Communication Arts at San Francisco State University.
He has been interviewed many times by the media, and has given
several rousing talks at various Life Extension Festivals. He has
inspired all of his Northern California colleagues with his upbeat
attitude toward life, and his spirited take-no-baloney advocacy of

His wife Mary Adelynne ("Lynne"), age 70, has not been quite as
gung ho on cryonics as is Dick, but did frequently attend our
meetings over the past dozen years, and was committed to being
cryonically suspended. Lynne was a popular teacher for many years
at Galileo High School, and before that at Mission High School. She
taught courses in family life, psychology, and English. For the
past few years she has been suffering from Alzheimer's disease and
has been cared for in a nursing home. On Tuesday, August 25, she
suffered a seizure followed by a stroke. She was taken to Kaiser
Hospital in San Francisco, where a number of our local members
assembled to stand by. Lynne died at about 7:15 P.M.

The hospital staff informed us that Lynne would have to wait two
hours in the morgue before she would be released to us--their usual
practice, to make sure their corpses are good and dead before
leaving the premises. Fortunately one of our colleagues is an M.D.
based at another branch of Kaiser. She arrived within minutes of
the time of Lynne's clinical death, took charge, and rapidly cut
through the bureaucratic red tape. Lynne was still on an I.V. and
receiving oxygen after pronouncement of death. We had Lynne
heparinized and on CPR within five minutes. Within ninety minutes
of pronouncement we had her packed in ice and released from the
hospital. It took less than an hour to transport Lynne to the Trans
Time lab, with our M.D. and a physiologist giving CPR all the way,
and continuing CPR until the beginning of surgery.

Because we treated Lynne so promptly after clinical death, the
perfusion went superbly--it was one of the best suspensions we have
done to date. The final effluent sample was perfectly clear--not a
hint of red. The solutions we use contain several cryoprotectants.
The yellow colorization of her face was a sign of how well these
cryoprotectants were reaching her brain.

Over the next day we cooled her to -79xC (dry ice temperature), and
we are now preparing for her encapsulation in liquid nitrogen. As
Dick knows, this is not an end, but a beginning.

The response that our team delivered after Lynne stopped breathing
was faster than a fire truck, and faster than from calling 911. 
This is the response Trans Time can deliver for clients in the San
Francisco Bay Area.  That fact may make our area the safest place
in the country to live!

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