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From: "Martin S. Kardon" <>
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Subject: Mike Darwins Posting and the need for practical discussions
Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 09:51:47 -0400

    While I have the highest respect for the mental prowess and energies of
those posting to Cryonet I confess that I have found the many discussions
regarding virtual persons, living in side computers, etc. of minimal
interest in the context of the cryonet publications.  Those topics can make
for fascinating speculative fiction novels but I confess to lacking the
concentration to read and digest those discussions on cryonet. Thus, I just
skim over and delete them everyday.

    Mike Darwins interesting (though disheartening) posting was of great
interest to me, however. I am inching, but moving, towards executing and
funding a suspension contract for my entire family (spouse and 4 children)
and am proceeding with the hope (and assumption) that all available and
newest technologies will be applied at such time as the process must occur.
I don't doubt that the organizations by and large make this their policy and
by and large strive to complete this.

    I know little about the scientific details so I cannot adjudge if the
techniques Darwin speaks of should or should not be implemented. I can tell
you, however, that for an obviously committed intelligent researcher to be
washing his hands of the community is a disturbing vision.

    Since we are humans (so far!) there will always be political, social and
philosophical areas of dispute that will be by and large unreconcilable and
I can't comment upon the prior 31 years of Mike Darwin's efforts  It does
seem, however, that something must in some way (large or small) be awry for
him to take this position.

    I believe that this forum and the cryonics movement needs discussions
like THIS to advance, expand and succeed. No one with the kind of value to
bring to the table should be left (voluntarily or involuntarily) outside the

    Maybe there's another forum where these kinds of issues are raised. I
WISH someone would let me know where it is. I do differ with anyone who
wants to discuss virtual beings, dopplegangers and emulations. I just have
no interest in those areas.

    Where should I and others like me go to engage in discussions and obtain
information of the nitty gritty, hands dirty, feet and face in the mud,
politics, finance aspects of cryonics?

    Where are you going, Mike Darwin?  I'd like to listen in.

Marty Kardon

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