X-Message-Number: 1170
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 92 23:50:33 -0500
From:  (Steve Jackson)
Subject: Cryonics vocabulary

For "in suspension," which is certainly an ungainly phrase in conversation,
why not just "frozen"? It's completely accurate, it's short, it's plain
English, and it subliminally makes the point that, while certainly not
alive, the subject is not dead either.

That would give "frozen patient" for the subjects, which lacks some of the
false-to-fact flavor of calling them simply "patients." "Frozen clients"
would be appropriate when discussing Alcor as a business entity; "frozen
relatives" when discussing one's temporarily departed; and so on.

The term "offline" is tempting and not inappropriate, but in a 1992
context it's flip. In a society where entering and leaving suspension
was common, I could see the terms "up" and "down" used for people as
they are now for systems!

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