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Date: Sun, 6 Sep 92 11:53:57 +0200
From:  (David Stodolsky)
Subject: CRYONICS: Re: Copyright Query

In Message: #1157 - Re: Copyright Query 
Charles Platt writes:
>Either way, the copyright issue is serious and needs to be 
>settled. My feeling is that our postings should not be 
>protected by copyright. I cite four arguments for this: 
>2. Cryonet exists because we want to encourage people to 
>think seriously about cryonics. Therefore, we should want our 
>words to be quoted as widely as possible. 

>3. Cryonet postings aren't going to earn money for anyone. 
>Therefore, we won't suffer any financial loss if the postings 
>are quoted or reproduced. 

Not obvious.
Copyright is consistent with widest possible dissemination.
Placing articles in the public domain means that control over them is
This is not desirable. Articles are copyrighted by authors automatically
under present law.

A possible solution is the assignment of copyright to Cryonet Digest by
authors. (Exactly how to do this with respect to the newsgroup is not
obvious.) The advantage would be that any permission for reproduction
could be negotiated with a single party, the publisher of CryoNet
Digest. One of the major impediments to distribution of scientific
information today is the obtaining of permissions from authors. 

The income, if any, from the sale of CryoNet Digest could be used to
support and enhance the Network.

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