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Subject: Re: Organ Transplants and Cryonics
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Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1992 15:34:05 GMT

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(kevin.q.brown) writes:

   Using the above example of the need for kidney donors, or whatever
   else provokes sympathy, a coalition of patients who need transplantable
   organs and their medical services (that perform the harvesting and
   transplants) may persuade the Texas legislature that many people will
   die needlessly due to lack of available organs unless some enabling
   legislation were to grant immunity from lawsuits for official organ
   harvesters.  Once that is accomplished, it would be easy for the
   organ harvesters to "accidentally lose" the medic-alert bracelet and all
   identification (including the wallet card) for any cryonic suspension
   organization member who was terminally injured in a car accident.
   Good-bye cryonicist!

Given that reviving a suspended person will require a body transplant, I
think we need the transplanters to get as much practice as possible.
Thus I think that selling the organs should be legal.

Organ selling and immunity for organ harvesters are two separate issues.

I believe that one big cause of the current shortage is that the
relatives of the deceased have no motive to make a serious decision on
the matter.  If the organs could be sold, many more of the next of kin
would permit the organs to be used.  If there weren't a shortage, then
there would be less motive to have laws giving immunity to the

By this reasoning, the current environment is the worst possible.  The
fact that the organs cannot be sold creates a shortage, which gives a
strong motive to make the harvesters immune from lawsuits.
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