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Subject: Alcor Laughlin Minutes
Date: Tue,  8 Sep 92 21:47:30 PDT
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               SUNDAY AUGUST 16TH 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

         Mary Beth          Eric Klien       H. Jackson Zinn
         Art Gerstztyn      Don Laughlin
         Lila Guzm n        Jerry Searcy

Change of Dates 

The September Alcor Nevada meeting has been moved to the third 
Sunday.  After September, we will go back to meeting on the second 
Sunday of the month.  

Change of Time 

Meeting time has been permanently changed from 5:00 PM to 1:00 PM.  
Please arrive promptly at these meetings as Don must leave them by 
3:00 PM.  

Free Rooms 

Don Laughlin has agreed to give a free hotel room on Sunday nights to 
anyone who attends our Sunday meetings.  You should call a week in 
advance to confirm that the room is available.  

Special Guest -- H. Jackson Zinn 

H. Jackson Zinn attended this meeting.  He is President of the 
International Cryonics Foundation, was co-counsel on the Mitchell vs. 
Roe case that Alcor recently won which made cryonics legal in 
California, and has considerable experience in cryonics law.  

At his suggestion, I am maintaining a database of lawyers sympathetic 
to cryonics.  If anyone would like to add lawyers to my database, 
please send me information.  

He also suggested that we do a mailing to people in Nevada asking 
them if they would like to attend meetings and if they would be 
interested in buying cryonics related literature.  The idea is that 
even if they don't attend our meeting, perhaps they will help pay for 
the mailings by buying cryonics books, etc.  This idea is being 
pursued and Saul Kent has contributed 170 Nevada names on mailing 
labels towards this cause.  I am currently looking into costs of 
preprinted envelopes and stationary as well as the costs of renting 
the Nevada Longevity mailing list.  

Jackson also suggested that Don advertise our meetings on the huge 
electronic sign outside his casino.  Preferably for a week before the 

He also suggested that Alcor Laughlin have a flag, a motto, and a 
song.  Our flag has a white background, the color Alcor logo, below 
the logo is "Alcor - Laughlin" in gold block, and below the text is a 
blue line representing the Laughlin river.  Our motto is "Live and 
Let Live" and our song is "Stand By Me".  

Finally, he wrote the following article about his first attendance at 
our meeting: 

                         By H. Jackson Zinn 

There was once a middle-eastern ruler who calculated that he had 
experienced fourteen days of ecstatic happiness in his lifetime.  
Well, I've already had three this month of July, and it isn't even 
over yet!  The first was when the California Court of Appeals changed 
its mind and agreed to let its decision be published in the Mitchell 
case.  The other two were in Laughlin, Nevada.  

The first thing that strikes you as you approach Laughlin, Nevada, at 
night on the river road is a string of skyscrapers bathed in a 
kaleidoscope of bright colors, doubled by their reflection in the 

Laughlin is a gambling town founded by cryonicist Don Laughlin, who 
really rolled out the red carpet for me.  The first business in the 
town was a sleepy little motel operated by Mr. Laughlin, but things 
only went up from there.  Today there are ten casinos in Laughlin, 
and Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort is expanding from 660 to 1400 
rooms.  You'd never know there's a recession in Laughlin, which 
recently accrued 45.9 million in gaming revenues in one month.  Signs 
of construction abound.  You don't develop an oasis in the desert 
like this unless you do a lot of things right, and it became obvious 
that a lot of attention has been paid to consumer needs, to life from 
the customer's point of view.  

I must confess I'm not much of a gambler.  In the trade, I guess you 
would call me a nickel-slot man, or a "low-roller".  I've got nickel-
slot relatives even more conservative who count every payout, coin 
for coin.  However, when I hit Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort, I 
decided to go big-time, to the quarter machine, where I dropped 180 
straight quarters without a single "hit".  When I later informed Mr. 
Laughlin of this, he said "The machine's working properly, then", he 
added," you get our grand prize... a concrete rowboat!" 

Saturday night started out in the Loser's Lounge, which features 
losers ranging from the H.M.S. Titanic to Spiro Agnew (perhaps we 
could add Mr. Mitchell of California's Health Department!).  The 
action then moved to Don's Celebrity Room, where Freddy Fender was 
performing.  Fender is known for Mexican-style country music, such as 
"I'll Be Three Before The Next Teardrop Falls."  Mr. Laughlin 
arranged for me to visit and be photographed with the singer after 
the show.  Other performers coming there regularly include Merle 
Haggard, Roy Clark, and Willie Nelson.  

There's a lot to do besides gambling in Laughlin.  They've got hang 
gliding, swimming, river boating, tours to nearby London Bridge and 
Hoover Dam.  You'll find lots of people jetskiing down the river as 
well.  Admirers of the female form will enjoy the "Best Chest in the 
West" contest, with runoff matches lasting several weeks.  

Cryonicists have long theorized that the growth of the movement would 
be rapidly accelerated by the entrance of some "great man".  Not a 
messiah, but a person with the right blend of charisma, imagination, 
common sense, wealth, and business acumen, combined with unyielding 
commitment to the movement's success.  The rocket scientist Robert 
Truax used to say, "The people with imagination don't have any money, 
and the people with the money don't have any imagination."  Someday 
cryonicists will get it together, and Don Laughlin may hold the key.  

I fantasized about the future:  Kenny Rogers comes to Don's Celebrity 
Room to entertain the high-rollers.  He sings "The Gambler".  
However, at the point where he gets to the line "the most you can 
hope for is to die in your sleep", he quickly adds "(and then get 


At this point we are waiting for Don Laughlin's employees to begin 
their training.  It is expected than an equal amount of level one and 
level two EMTs will be trained.  Once their training is complete, 
then the three local Alcor members with some EMT training plus Don's 
employees will go through an Alcor certification course at one time.  
After the course, we will buy two kits, one for the Las Vegas area 
and one for the Laughlin area.  

In the discussion about Don's training of EMTs it was noted that he 
may be able to save on insurance as well as reduce nuisance lawsuits 
by having EMTs.  The possibility of making money by renting out the 
trained medical teams was also discussed.  

In the last minutes, I mentioned that I had contacted the Clark 
County Health Department about the legality of storing drugs such as 
Heparin and that they had failed to answer this question.  Since then 
I have also contacted the Attorney General, Frankie Sue Delpappa, and 
the Nevada Health & Human Resources Legal Attorney General Division.  
Neither government agency thought we were in their jurisdiction.  
Well, at least no one was interested in prosecuting us.  

Fire Department 

I have followed up with the Acting Paramedic Coordinator at the Clark 
County Fire Department and he has promised me that he will soon 
distribute the memo about our bracelets.  I hope to have evidence of 
this by our next meeting.  At the last meeting, I passed around 
copies of the information that I sent him for inclusion in this memo.  
I would be glad to send copies of this information to interested 


Our monthly ad in the Las Vegas Review-Journal failed to attract any 
people to the latest meeting.  But the editors at Nevada Senior World 
read it and promised to run a free ad for us in their October issue.  
The ad will mention the free rooms and bingo specials offered at the 
Riverside Casino.  

Information from Charles Hartman 

Charlie mentioned that David Ross would be speaking about "Cryonics", 
"Human Uploading" and "Mind Translation" at the summer Eris Society 
meeting in Aspen.  

Next Meeting 

Our next meeting will be on the third Sunday of next month, September 
20th, at 1:00 PM at the executive office in the Riverside casino in 
Laughlin, Nevada.  Take 95 south from Las Vegas, through Henderson, 
where it forks between 95 and 93.  Bear right at the fork and stay on 
95 past Searchlight until you reach the intersection with 163 a 
little before the border with California.  Go left on 163 and stay on 
it until you see signs for Laughlin.  You can't miss the Riverside 
Casino in Laughlin, Nevada.  For more information, call Eric Klien at 
(702) 255-1355.  I'll be car pooling there with other Las Vegans.

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