X-Message-Number: 11820
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 20:44:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Doug Skrecky <>
Subject: coenzyme q10 and ischemia

  Grieb P.  Ryba MS.  Sawicki J.  Chrapusta SJ.
  Laboratory of Experimental Pharmacology, Polish Academy of Sciences Medical
  Research Centre, Warsaw, Poland. 
  Oral coenzyme Q10
  administration prevents the development of ischemic brain
  lesions in a rabbit model of symptomatic vasospasm.
  Acta Neuropathologica.  94(4):363-8, 1997 Oct.
  Treatment with oral coenzyme
  Q10 (CoQ10, 10 mg/kg per day for 6 days)
  was compared with no treatment in a previously described rabbit model of
  symptomatic cerebral vasospasm [Endo et al. (1988) Stroke 19: 1420-1425]. The
  treatment was initiated within 1-2 h after injection of autologous blood into
  the subarachnoid space. In CoQ10-untreated rabbits, moderate
  to severe neurological deficits developed, and multiple focal ischemic
  lesions were found in the brain regions with compromised blood supply, i.e.,
  in the regions normally supplied by common carotid arteries which are subject
  to ligation in this model. CoQ10 treatment prevented the
  development of both the neurological deficits and histologically detectable
  brain tissue damage. In both CoQ10-treated and -untreated
  rabbits, infiltration of mononuclear cells was evident in the brain stem,
  although this region did not show signs of ischemic damage. The findings
  indicate that the histological and neurological correlates of brain tissue
  damage in this rabbit model of symptomatic cerebral vasospasm develop via
  mechanism(s) involving free radical-mediated oxidation of plasma
  lipoproteins. Similar mechanisms may play a role in the development of brain
  damage attributed to cerebral atherosclerosis.

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