X-Message-Number: 11824
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 15:59:50 -0400
From: Saul Kent <>
Subject: Brain Cryopreservation Research

        In msg 11819, Thomas Donaldson wrote the following:

        "Yes, 21ST CENTURY MEDICINE is coming up with
significant advances in cryopreservation. Yet those advances look
like they will remain unspecified for some time --- hardly something 
on which I can report. For that matter, unless we all get together the 
money to support specific research on cryopreservation of brains, we'll
have to put up with current suspension methods for some time into the
future --- and so work on brains remains important."

        I agree that it's important for cryonicists to support specific
research on cryopreservation of brains, but support of such research
per se isn't going to speed the application of 21CM's (or any other
company's) research advances to the practice of cryonics.  Discus-
sions about how to incorporate 21CM's advances into the practice 
of cryonics have been going on for several months. I'd like advanced 
methods of cryonics to be available to cryonicists around the world 
as soon as possible, but major changes in cryonics protocols take 
money, time, training, and the resolution of political, legal and 
economic issues.

        21CM has done, and will continue to do brain cryopreser- 
vation research, but only in the context of its overall goal of exploiting
proprietary technologies to fulfill the needs of science, medicine, agricu-
lture and industry.  The cryopreservation and ice control needs of society 
are great, and 21CM has the opportunity to profit enormously if it can
these needs.  Moreover, much of the research that 21CM will be conduct-
ing in the process of attempting to meet these needs will be beneficial--
directly and indirectly--in learning how to cryopreserve brains (and whole 
bodies) more effectively.

        Before the end of the year, cryonicists will have the opportunity
of purchasing stock in 21CM.  This will enable them to support cryopreser-
vation research that will be of great potential value for cryonics through
company that is aiming for bigtime commercial success. 

        Recently, a company called Advanced BioSciences (ABS) was
formed that aims to take the cryopreservation, hypothermia and rescusi-
tation research conducted by 21CM and other companies and apply it to 
the practice of cryonics. A building has been leased to provide a facility 
for ABS to conduct this type of applied research, as well as for the
of cryonics services in SoCal.  Discussions are underway with BioTransport,

a new cryonics service company, for the joint use of this facility.  If
arrangements can be worked out, it may soon be possible for cryonicists 
to support a coordinated program to develop and deliver state-of-the-art 
cryonics services to the cryonics community as a whole.

---Saul Kent, CEO, 21st Century Medicine

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