X-Message-Number: 11825
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 16:39:08 EDT
Subject: life extension regimens

Doug Skrecky and others have commented on the burgeoning of anti-aging 
studies and interest in them, and of course many readers of CryoNet have been 
personally involved, at least as consumers, for a long time. But while many 
books have been published, including Thomas Donaldson's book with update, and 
while there is an anti-aging newsgroup, it remains (as far as I can tell) 
frustratingly difficult to filter out clear, concise, and reliable 

The Life Extension Foundation (Kent and Faloon et al) publishes a magazine 
with a lot of information, including abstracts; but its commercial nature 
makes it of uncertain completeness and balance. Donaldson, Tom Matthews at 
LEF, various physicians and researchers on the advisory board of LEF, and 
many others, have contributed welcome information from time to time. But 
everyone has 200% of his time committed, and many of these people have a 
narrow focus or some axe to grind, especially authors of books with title 
beginning "The Miracle of............" 

Anyone who remembers--for example--the history of vitamin E cannot fail to be 
struck by the possibility of losing your life merely for failure to notice 
something already well known and well publicized. At the same time, anyone 
reading the anti-aging newsgroup cannot fail to be impressed and discouraged 
by the complexities of the field, the lack of agreement, and the lack of any 
clear and authoritative guide. 

We would like to make available to members of the Cryonics Institute and the 
Immortalist Society, and readers of  The Immortalist and of our web site, 
among others, a source of information that would satisfy some of the needs 
above mentioned. That is, we need, if possible (1) a summary of the best 
current advice, with BOTH  concise recommendations or opinions, negative as 
well as positive (with suitable disclaimers), and also literature references 
for those who want verification and more detail; and (2) answers to questions 
on a reasonably timely basis.

Any suggestions or offers?

Robert Ettinger
Cryonics Institute
Immortalist Society

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