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Date: Wed, 9 Sep 92 19:12:12 PDT
From: Lola McCrary <>
Subject: cryonics: Alcor North meetings

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ALCOR NORTHERN CALIFORNIA MEETINGS: All meetings of Alcor Northern California
are held at 4:00 p.m. sharp on the second Sunday of each month unless otherwise
noted.  Following the meeting a potluck is usually held (around 6:00 p.m.),
with attendees bringing munchies, drinks, a dinner dish or dessert.  Meetings
are open to the public, and so are the potlucks that follow, as separate
events.  For information on meetings call Alcor at 1-800-367-2228 (toll-free,
non-members only) or 1-714-736-1703 (members) or call the host of the meeting.

  September 13, 1992:  This meeting has been cancelled since so many people
will be at the Alcor Board meeting for the election of board members.

  October 11, 1992: The home of Ralph Merkle and Carol Shaw, with introduction
to cryonics following the meeting and potluck at 7:00pm.  Directions: Take US
85 through Sunnyvale and exit going east on Fremont to Mary.  Go left on Mary
to Ticonderoga.  Go right on Ticonderoga to Pimento.  Turn left on Pimento to
1134 Pimento Ave. 408-730-5224.

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