X-Message-Number: 11830
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 07:53:11 -0400
From: Bozzonetti <>
Subject: Identigraphy

Some time ago I have posted a message about identigraphy. My proposal to do
biography for use as a complement of cryonics was somewhat premature. The
to do that starts only in the comming weeks.

People having asked about that service will be the first on the list; For
other, there is a copy
of the message distributed by Dr. Stephane de France (the son of the
inventor of the french
colour TV system SECAM):


   Save Your Memory

Preserve your personality from destruction through Identigraphy.

If you feel concerned by some of following items:

You intend to transmit your memory to your family; perhaps you already
tried to write
your own biography.

You are interested to preserve your body from death through new means such
cryonics or cloning... And you arent sure that your brain will not suffer
or will not loose some
proper data necessary to preserve your mind and personality as well as the

You are interested to study your own personality and perhaps perfect some


        Dr. Stephane de France,
        Recherches en identigraphie,
        9-11, rue Clement Marot,
        F-82300 Caussade


You will receive a first basic Questionnaire and any information concerning


Well, that kind of activity would be far better if people could meet in the
same room; I am not a
specialist, may be some of you could suggest what softwares to use so that
the Internet would
comes the nearest to that.

Keep in mind: this is a first try and the first practical activity linked
to cryonics based in France
for many years

Yvan Bozzonetti.

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