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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject:  PR and life shortener
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 00:10:17 +0100

We ask many to read this and sign up, despite all the problems posted here.
But this is also to keep the interest up and perhaps contribute, thats a
delicate balance, isn't it?

Do I remember more than I have wondered if we may get sloppy with life when
we know there is another chance?
I for one sleep a lot less since I got Internet some year ago, but knew well
of our issue years before, and saw in the paper Internet is so stimulating
mostly that less sleep is needed. On the other hand we know its better to
live long due to wait for better perfusion etc.

If not posted or known before, Do you know our so called safe computers with
low magnetic- and electric-fields are not safe unless the wallplug has a
third wire for earth?
Private homes here dont in normal rooms. I have noticed a small downgrade in
one of my functions, not to be mentioned in public, perhaps due to the wrong
cable or less sleep. Anyone else noted?
Thomas Nord
Stockholm (Sweden)

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