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From:  (David Krieger)
Subject: Nanotechnology conference Nov. 11-14
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 92 9:23:39 PDT

[ Since reanimation from cryonic suspension likely will require
  advanced nanotechnology, the following opportunity to meet
  many of the people who are beginning to develop nanotechnology
  should be of interest to cryonicists. - KQB ]


> Subject: Nanotechnology conference Nov. 11-14

A registration form is attached below.  If you would like to be
sent a conference brochure and registration form in the mail:
email , fax 415-324-2497, or call 415-324-2490.
Silicon Valley looks beyond silicon to the next technological revolution...

First General Conference on Nanotechnology:
Development, Applications and Opportunities
November 11-14, 1992
Palo Alto, California

sponsored by the Foresight Institute

You are invited to attend the first general conference on
nanotechnology, a set of capabilities that will remake
technology from the bottom up, using molecules as building blocks.

This will be the first nanotechnology conference for a general
audience, for all of us who are interested in how new technologies 
will change our lives.  Join in as we explore the key questions:

* How will it work?  Leading researchers show the workings of
  today's and tomorrow's molecular machines.  Eric Drexler, Ralph 
  Merkle, and others share their views of where technology is
  headed and how we'll get there.
* When and where?  With so many fields converging on molecular
  control, it's hard to predict who will make the crucial advances.  
  Which companies and countries are leading today? Where will the
  first fortunes be made?  Stewart Brand thinks it may take longer than
  anticipated.  Neil Jacobstein shows who's funding this research today.
* How will we use it?  Expect major changes in medicine, computation,
  space systems, and environmentally-safe manufacturing.  Marvin 
  Minsky looks at what's coming in intelligent computation.  Greg Fahy
  tells what molecular control will do for health care.
* The bigger picture:  A technology this powerful must be guided to
  avoid abuse.  What tools can we use for this task?  What can be 
  done with next-generation social software?  Paul Saffo looks at how
  culture and technology interact; Gayle Pergamit helps us picture how 
  our lives will be different when manufacturing means molecular

Preliminary Program

Wednesday evening reception, 8-11PM    


Introduction to Nanotechnology
Eric Drexler, Foresight Institute

Design-Ahead for Nanotechnology
Ralph Merkle, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center

SPM: the New Microscopy from Microns to Atoms
Jerome Wiedmann, Digital Instruments

Intelligent Computation in the Age of 
Molecular Manufacturing
Prof. Marvin Minsky, MIT

Paths to Nanotechnology
Howard Landman, Cross Point Solutions

Biotechnology as an Enabling Technology
Martin Edelstein, Berlex Biosciences
Designing Molecular Components
Ted Kaehler, Apple Computer

Diamond Growth: Today and Tomorrow
Michael Pinneo, Crystallume

Nanotechnology R&D Sponsorship
Neil Jacobstein, Cimflex Teknowledge

Transition to Tomorrow
Jamie Dinkelacker, Foresight Institute


Modeling and Remodeling Molecules
Michael Pique, The Scripps Research Institute

New Materials
Michael Kelly, Stanford University

New Hope for the Environment
Duncan Forbes, Ray Rowe Trusts for Animals

Molecular Manufacturing as a Path to Space
Eric Drexler, National Space Society

I Brake for Nanotechnology: the Slow Scenario
Stewart Brand 
Point Foundation, Global Business Network

How Culture Shapes Technology and Vice Versa
Paul Saffo, Institute for the Future

Nanotechnology in Japan
Charles Sweet, Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun columnist
Medicine and Nanotechnology
Greg Fahy, American Red Cross

A Venture Perspective
Speaker to be determined

Evolution of the Concept
Chris Peterson, Foresight Institute


Mark S. Miller, Xanadu Operating Company

Decision Duel
Marc Stiegler, Institute for Molecular 

The Politics of Technology
James C. Bennett 
Center for Constitutional Issues in Technology

Envisioning the Future
Gayle Pergamit 
Coauthor, Unbounding the Future
Information, Speculation, Participation
Dave Lindbergh, MIT Nanotechnology Study Group

Bootstrapping a Research Institute
Kathleen Shatter
Institute for Molecular Manufacturing

Panel: Development, Applications and Opportunities
Eric Drexler, Jamie Dinkelacker, Ed Niehaus, Jim Bennett

Conference sessions will be held at the Holiday Inn Stanford-Palo Alto.
Accommodation arrangements should be made directly with the hotel.
Reservations should be made by October 1; when making reservations,
mention that you are attending the "Foresight Nanotechnology 
Conference" to obtain the lower conference room rate.  Deposits in the
amount of the first night's stay plus tax are required to guarantee
reservations; these are refundable up to 6 PM on the date of arrival.

Holiday Inn Stanford-Palo Alto
625 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(800) 874-3516   within the US
(415) 328-2800   tel
(415) 327-7362   fax
single	$89 per night
double	$99 per night

The conference site is easily reached from San Francisco International
Airport and San Jose International Airport.  Information on ground 
transportation services will be mailed to registrants.


Electronic mail:
Position (manager, programmer, engineer, 
Organizational affiliation (for your badge):

Registration Fee
The registration fee includes the speaker 
program, Wednesday evening reception, and 
luncheon on Thursday and Friday.

Regular       $350 by Oct. 15, $400 after	
Academic,     $300 by Oct. 15, $350 after
Single day pass (specify day)	$150

Payment may be made by VISA, MasterCard, check, or international
money order valid in the US.  Make checks payable to "Foresight 
Conferences"; checks and bank drafts must be in US dollars drawn
on a US bank.  Refunds of registration fees can be made on receipt
of a written request postmarked by October 1 and are subject to
a $25 administrative fee.

Card #:
Expiration date:


Credit card registrations may be faxed.  We don't advise sending
credit card information over the net.

Mail or fax registration to:
Foresight Institute
Box 61058, Palo Alto, CA 94306,  USA
Tel 415-324-2490    
Fax 415-324-2497

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