X-Message-Number: 11840
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 00:25:16 -0700
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Re: Splitting cryonet

Perry Metzger, #11822:
>Day after day, I have to wade through the muck of repetitive and often 
>mediocre philosophical arguments in order to find things of interest
>to me as a cryonet subscriber. I've nearly stopped reading cryonet as
>a result. I suspect others have, too.
>Could we perhaps split the list? We could have a new list, call it
>"" or some such, where all the
>philsophical discussion can take place,

I have no problem with this, and would like to have more "free rein" on the
philosophical issues (which I obviously have a more positive view of than
some like Perry--each to his own opinions of course). Sometimes it's true
the discussion can get protracted and probably seem quite boring and
pointless to some, just when to others of us it seems we might be getting
somewhere in understanding different viewpoints on some major issue, or even
sharpening our own insight. I've often wondered what are the real "behind
the scenes" reasons why people stubbornly defend opinions that seem odd to
me. Sometimes getting answers is not easy or straightforward, and you may
have to exchange many KBs to zero in.

Anyway, should we split this forum as Perry suggests, what is involved, etc?
Though I'd like to comment further on the "consciousness" issue right now,
I'll hold off pending some feedback.

Mike Perry

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