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Date: 11 Sep 92 23:42:07 EDT
From: Michael Paulle           <>
Subject: CRYONICS "Independence Day"
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     Thanks to the vigilance of Charles Platt, Independence Day for 
cryonics has arrived. 
     September 13, 1992 will be recognized in cryonics history as the
day the member-citizens were freed from the ancient and failed tyranny 
of the few ruling the many.
     Finally, after 20 years, Alcor-ahead of the curve in so many ways-
is no longer behind humanity's learning curve in how to govern itself.
     The "Wall" has come down in cryonics, just as it had to fall in
Berlin. And the Alcor Board of Directors, like the Russian people I know 
so well, have been dragged "kicking and screaming" into modernity.
     The outcome of the vote, today, is less important than the event  
     The factions that "win" or "lose" are insignificant in comparison 
to the fact that, annually, open nominations for Board seats are to be
made. Secret ballots of the free, equal, and anonymous Board members 
are then to be fairly counted and the results, honored.
     "Never Again" will self-perpetuation and intimidation humiliate 
the noble cause of cryonics. The door of ignorance has been slammed 
shut behind the Board, and like the Russians, they can't go back that 
way again.
     However, just as the Continental Congress 200 years ago, was open
only to land-owning, white males and the Declaration of Indepedence was
framed by a people-owning Virginian, so to, the ultimate freedom of
thought and action for members in cryonics won't be secured by today's
     Alcor, like Russia has joined the 20th Century only just in time 
to lurch blindly into the 21st.
     Crises undoubtedly await the new Alcor, some life-threatening and 
probably terrifying, but by empowering the individual cryonicists to 
give of themselves and receive the reward that giving gives, Alcor has
assured that its own existence and cryonics in general will survive, 
grow and prosper.
     Only fear of the individual and the continued policy of excluding
the many, if these would have been perpetuated today, they could have
killed Alcor.
     With Independence Day, has come a new lease on the life we all 
adore for Alcor and ourselves.
     Today, the Board of Directors has shown the courage, compassion
and intelligence that will give our heirs the moral authority, in their 
time, to bring us back.
     Congratulations to all cryonicists and especially to the Alcor 
Board of Directors for "Seizing the Day".

                                             Much love, as always,

                                             Michael Paulle

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