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From: "Scott Badger" <>
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Subject: Identigraphy, consciousness, splitting CryoNet
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 09:02:04 -0500

Hi everyone,

re: Identigraphy

I agree that identigraphy would be prudent for cryonicists.  Photos, essays,
your collected e-mail postings, and any other biographical materials are
obviously helpful, but don't forget to have a comprehensive psychological
evaluation conducted by a licensed psychologist.  The results from a battery
of psychological tests would probably compose the core of any effort to
re-instantiate an identity.

re:  Consciousness

Those who enjoy debates on this topic may wish to examine the following
biomednet website:    http://www.biomednet.com/hmsbeagle/55/viewpts/overview
Several other debates are listed as well.

re:  Splitting Cryonet

I vote "No"

Scott Badger

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