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Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 14:51:34 EDT
Subject: life extension information

Thanks to John de Rivaz, Doug Skrecky, and Jan Coetzee for their comments 
today. As many readers know, John has for many years helped publish life 
extension information, through his column in THE IMMORTALIST,   through his 
own LONGEVITY REPORT, and elsewhere; Doug has for years brought numerous 
journal items to our attention on CryoNet and elsewhere, both in life 
extension and cryonics; and Jan has contributed comments from time to time.

I have not seen the Murray book John mentioned, but have ordered it. If I 
remember correctly, Murray is a Naturopath, which makes me a bit uneasy. The 
most important test, of course, will be in the details, but if one had his 
druthers one would prefer an author with more conventional credentials. 
Unfortunately, as John intimated, people with conventional credentials (M.D. 
or Ph.D.) tend to lean over backward so far that they fall flat.

In spite of all these valuable contributions, I think the problem I noted 
remains for many people--how to get easy access to the kind of information 
you want, including succinct (but not misleading) summaries, as well as 
updates and access to technical data. The Web is full of stuff, but so far I 
have not found any single source that is organized in a way that seems 
anywhere near optimal to me. (On a more general note, the Web is becoming so 
vast and competitive that it is difficult even to allocate one's time 
intelligently. We are drowning in information that is incoherent, repetitive, 
and frustrating. If you don't search, you may miss something vitally 
important; yet if you do search, you may have time for nothing else.)

However, I am glad to say that one of our people has now begun to organize a 
special site for our purposes. If this works out, we will not put such a page 
or segment on www.cryonics.org, but will instead just put a link to the new 
site, and do what we can to help the new site along. The new site already 
exists, but will not have any appreciable content for probably at least a few 
days. I expect there will be an announcement later in the coming week.

Robert Ettinger
Cryonics Institute
Immortalist Society

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