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Date: Mon, 14 Sep 92 22:56:52 +0200
From:  (David Stodolsky)
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Subject: CRYONICS: Terminal sign up

Keith Henson (1992. The negative side of  growth. _Cryonics_, 13(8), 7)
observes that a majority of suspensions in the last five years have been
of people who signed up terminal. This suggests that making it easier
for people to sign up just prior to clinical death would be an effective
way to increase number of suspensions and accelerate the growth of

The big question is how to detect impending clinical death before it
becomes obvious, that is, with chronic degeneration. It is know that
intelligence increase throughout life until several month before death,
when a decline begins. If an automated intelligence testing package was
made available for self administration this problem could be solved.

What I am thinking about is a package that would automatically start up
every month or so when a personal computer was (turned) on and offer a
test. If a decline in intelligence was noted compared to previous tests,
a warning could be issued and the user could be invited to fill in
enrolment forms or call Alcor (how's that for a new recruitment
strategy, not dependent on person-to-person contact :-) The package
could be posted to an appropriate newsgroup or sent with introductory
information. The test ought to be in the form of a game, so the user
would not get tired of it even after several years, maybe a yearly
update with new game scenarios, updated enrolment forms, etc. would be

While it may be difficult to reduce costs much with advanced notice, the
chance of significant legal problems might be avoided with adequate
time. The greatest advantage, however, would be an increase in sign ups
by people who would otherwise never get around to doing their

There seems to be two separate programmable subsystems needed. First,
the intelligence testing subsystem. While this is not directly in my
research area, it is within my field, so I could support development
efforts with psychological expertise. I would like to see the testing
play the role of mental exercise, so it would also enhance mental

The subsystem for drafting of legal documents is an area I am familiar
with and I could point an interested person in the right direction.
However, it seem there are good packages for drafting of wills, etc.
already available and the licensing of such technology by ALCOR would
make the most sense. 

Anyone interested in working on either of these subsystems is welcome to
contact me with a description of their interests and expertise.

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