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Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 10:26:49 EDT
Subject: Re: observations on cryonet splitting

Hello to all from Rudi Hoffman in Daytona, FL.

I just finished a perusal/reading of about 25 days of CRYONET.

You folks have some amazing brains out there!  These brains are well worth 
preserving if we can find a way to do it.

I found the thread about splitting CRYONET of interest.  I side with those 
who observe that we are still to few to split our bulletin board. 

Even if many of the topics do not "directly" relate to "cryonics." 

Bob Ettinger correctly pointed out the rationale for the "consciousness" 

Much of this discussion appears to me, as it perhaps does to you, to be 1) 
arcane  2) non-relevant  3) equivalent to a "theology of cryonics...like  
theologians during the middle ages arguing how many angels can dance on the 
head of a pin.

But...Perry Metzger...and Mike Darwin....you can indeed skip through it.  I 
just buzzed through 20 days or so within 2 hours.

If you have better and more appropriate topics and threads, please just POST 

The fascinating confluence of philosophy and hard science and speculative 
science is balanced by the warmth and humanity of Mr. Griggs postings.  

Determining just what comprises the "sense of self" or "consciousness" we 
have IS relevant to cryonics.    As Mr. Ettinger pointed out in one of his 
better and more recent postings, if cryonics cannot bring back what is 
"non-=generic" about you there is not much point in it.

No one forced me to read every word of every posting. 

Fellow cryonics enthusiasts, PLEASE skip and scan, but please don't go off in 
a huff!  By actual count, we are about 1000 of 6 billion folks on the planet.

We need an inclusive "big tent ."

I DO appreciate that the topic headings are becoming more pointed and 

To summarize, I vote "no" or "not yet" to splitting CRYONET.

Long and joyous life to all,
Rudi Hoffman

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