X-Message-Number: 1190
Date: 16 Sep 92 00:52:56 EDT
From: Brian Wowk <>
Subject: CRYONICS: Terminal sign up
Message-Id: <>

David Stodolsky
> Keith Henson (1992. The negative side of  growth. _Cryonics_, 13(8), 7)
> observes that a majority of suspensions in the last five years have been
> of people who signed up terminal. This suggests that making it easier
> for people to sign up just prior to clinical death would be an effective
> way to increase number of suspensions and accelerate the growth of
> cryonics.
        Huh?  Are we reading the same magazine?  The point of Keith's 
article was that terminal sign ups are a BAD THING.  That's why the 
article was entitled the "*negative* side of growth."
        Patients in suspension are a liability, not an asset.  Healthy, 
living, dues-paying members are what cryonics needs most, not dying 
people who will soon need suspending (and burn up enormous amounts of 
volunteer labor in the process).  If anything, we need to more actively 
*discourage* terminal patients from joining.
                                                --- Brian Wowk

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