X-Message-Number: 11900
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 20:58:02 -0400
From: Brook Norton <>
Subject: : conciousness, interacting tome

Mike Perry wrote:

>The Book could simulate many conscious beings who may be interacting, but
does that allow *you* to interact?<

Sure it does.  It simulates you and so calculates your every conversation
and responds correctly (thru some kind of robot that acts out the tome
calculations). So a Turing Tome (with robot) could respond correctly in a
conversation with you.  I should note though that it isn't really reacting
to *you*, as you speak *now*.... rather when the Tome was created with all
the correct initial conditions input, it calculated what you would be doing
at any future time frame and responds to these calculations.... rather than
say having sensors that read your activity real time.

Brook Norton

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