X-Message-Number: 11937
From:  (JOHN KRUG)
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 20:54:31 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: "Be Kind!"

    .... I have been reading the cryonet list
religiously for almost a year now.   A lot is "over my head"  that is to
say, researchspeak with a lot of dazzling details.   My suggestion is to
write brief summaries of this research and what it may lead to for
general consumption ( i.e.
what someone with at least a secondary education can understand) and
provide links to
another list,  assuming "sci.cryonics" is still up,
where the more technical postings could be
placed for those interested.   
    .... Being a generalist,  I think the cryonet list would be better
as a canvas of the big picture.
Positive suggestions to fix details, humor, and what works to avoid
duplication.  And much more on a human scale....  
   ... I'm disappointed about some of the more blunt and caustic remarks
in some of the recent posts and hope that they don't scare off
any newcomers.   We need all the friends we can get...
   ... "Be Kind!"  were the last words of the founder of  Shangri-La in
the old classic movie
"Lost Horizon".   They work for me and if they help get things done so
much the better...
        Best Regards!   John B. Krug     

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