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From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: LIFE Extension 
Date: 18 Sep 1992

Subject: LIFE Extension

The cover article of the October 1992 issue of LIFE magazine
has the intriguing title: "Can We Stop Aging?".  The author,
Brad Darrach, presents several pages of intriguing evidence from
recent research suggesting that aging can indeed be controlled.
I was happy to see Steve Harris quoted (hopefully accurately)
in the article, which gives me some confidence that Mr. Darrach
knew who to interview for cutting-edge information.  Unfortunately,
I found the final page (his scenario for the future) surprisingly
unimaginative, considering all the high-powered folks he interviewed
for the previous pages.  Did senility or some death meme suddenly
set in before he could write it?  More likely, a mehum-oriented
editor inflicted that last section upon us.  (See "A Note From The
Editor" on page 6.)  It would be interesting to see what Brad Darrach
has to say about that...
			       Kevin Q. Brown
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