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From:  (Robert D Grahame)
Subject: Organ Transplants and Cryonics
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Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1992 16:06:49 +0000
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>harvesters.  Once that is accomplished, it would be easy for the
>organ harvesters to "accidentally lose" the medic-alert bracelet and all
>identification (including the wallet card) for any cryonic suspension
>organization member who was terminally injured in a car accident.
>Good-bye cryonicist!
>This scenario probably is wildly unrealistic, so I hope somebody
>just tells me that it's silly and then makes a few million dollars
>turning it into a plot for a Grade B movie.
>                              Kevin Q. Brown

Not at all. There is increasing pressure here for donor cards to be 
'reversed', ie. if you don't carry a 'I'm *not* a kidney donor' card 
they can get at your organs. As most transplants here are carried out 
by the NHS, and the waiting lists for transplants cause regular bad 
publicity for the government, they are keen to stop organs going to 

This is a country where the selling of jam at village fete's has just 
become a criminal act, so *anything* is possible.

Bob Grahame, Streatham, London. LAN Consultant
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