X-Message-Number: 11998
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 17:42:12 -0400
From: Saul Kent <>
Subject: Supporting Cryonics Research And Services

        In Cryonet msg. #11990, Richard 
Gillmann says: "We need a lot more people 
interested in cryonics to support research, 
provide emergency response teams 
everywhere and so on."

        I disagree.  I think we have more 
than enough resources in the cryonics
community today to fund the research 
needed to develop ever-improving cryonics 
methods and services. There are a good 
number of wealthy cryonicists who I know 
personally (I'm sure there are others I don't 
know) who could easily provide adequate
funding for cryonics research and improved

        Within the next year or so, these 
people will have the opportunity to advance 
cryonics in this manner by purchasing stock 
in companies set up to conduct cryonics 
research and provide cryonics services. 

        One such company is 21st Century
Medicine (21CM), which is conducting cryonics-
related research, with mainstream applications 
in science, medicine, agriculture and industry. 
In the past nine months, I've made several
announcements that stock would soon be 
available for sale in 21CM.  It has become
necessary, however, to postpone this stock 
offering several times for various reasons.  
The latest reason it is being postponed is 
that the company is in the process of split-
ting into two companies. The cryopreserva-
tion division will retain the name 21CM, 
while the division conducting hypothermia 
and resuscitation research will soon do
business under the name Critical Care 
Research (CCR). 

        A private placement to sell stock 
in the new 21CM is currently being worked
on.  Stock in CCR will be offered sometime 
after the 21CM stock offering has been 

        21CM has already made major
research advances that could be used to
improve today's cryonics methods consider-
ably.  However, further research and training
is necessary before these advances can be
incorporated into the practice of cryonics.

        Recently, I started a company called
Advanced BioSciences (ABS) to conduct the 
research necessary to improve the practice of 
cryonics.  I expect to give cryonicists a chance 
to invest in ABS (through a private placement) 
sometime next year.

        Finally, there is BioTransport, a com-
pany started last year to offer cryonics services.
I've been told that cryonicists will be given the
opportunity to invest in BioTransport in the 
near future.

        To summarize:  there's plenty of
potential investment capital in the cryonics
community right now, and  we'll soon see to 
what extent cryonicists are willing to support
cryonics research and services.

---Saul Kent

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