X-Message-Number: 12016
Date: Sun Jun 27 04:55:57 1999  PST
Subject: Excerpts from latest issue of Periastron now on ACS website
From: Edgar W Swank <>

ACS has just published excerpts from the latest issue of
Periastron, by noted writer Thomas Donaldson, on our website.
Below is a complete index for this issue. Starred articles are
published in full on the website.

1 May, 1999 -- Volume 5, Number 4

And Still It's OUR Problem                  *
Yet More on the Chemical Anatomy
    of Brains
Still More Asteroid Belts?
What Is It?

Science Reports

  Still More Work on Ischemia,
     Now Including Glutamate
  Rapid Repair of Severed Nerves            *
  Formation of New Synapses in Learning
  Quantum Computing: More Small Jumps       *
     to Realization

A Precis for Rushed Readers

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