X-Message-Number: 12022
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 09:55:15 -0700
Subject: Resistance To Cryonics


Many if not most people will vigorously avoid looking foolish, even if
it means missing out on a possibly sound opportunity. Peer pressure is
very strong. That means that the cryonics members of today, are leaders
(even the most passive of us).We are willing to be called crackpots with
crackpot ideas and put our money and time where our mouths are.

My guess is that there are ,many closet cryonicists waiting for a safer
opportunity to express their support. The more sane and mainstream we
appear; the more demonstrable science and rescue technology/services we
produce; and the more the media, the scientific community, and publicly
revered figures in particular back us, the faster will be our growth.

In order to get the media, the scientific community, and publicly
revered figures to back us ( who also do not want to look foolish) we
have to work on our own act. I believe we are doing a decent job of
appearing sane, if not quite mainstream. What we can do a lot better at
is demonstrating science and rescue technology services. That's why I
believe Applied Biological Sciences, Inc. (ABS)developing and producing
real science, and BioTransport, Inc., developing and offering advanced
rescue technology services using ABS products, are so important...and so
important for all of us to support. 

Michael Riskin, Ph.D, CPA. 
CFO & V.P.of Business Development
BioTransport, Inc.

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