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Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 14:16:43 EDT
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James R Hughes, MD
Medical Director: Hilton Head Longevity Center, The Anti-Aging Institute, 
Physicians Longevity Products, and VitaLabs

Cryonics is an integral part of an anti-aging program.  We are actively 
leapfrogging from technology to technology, and many individuals are just 
behind the curve of this technology.  We know that it is unlikely any one 
pill will counter aging.  When we use telemerase to allow tissue continuity, 
we will most likely turn up as yet undiscovered neuro-degenerative processes. 
 Nanotechnology is going to be a force in the next several decades.  
Comprehensive anti-aging programs slow the aging process and help preserve 
the mind.  When significant mental decline is imminent, it would be optimal 
to have in place a mechanism for suspending these folks until our technology 
has had time to catch up with the treatment.  I know of no such mechanism as 
yet (we have to wait until the mind has been eliminated).

Better methods of preservation would seem the answer, as this would provide 
safer suspended animation technology.  An idea I've not heard much on is that 
of changing the crystaline water molecules.  I have an idea that by 
incorporating methane into the body before freezing (in the correct 
proportion, and over the correct time) the crystals that form will each 
contain these methane molecules.  We know this happens in the deep ocean 
shelves at a temperature of ~ 6-7 degrees Celcius.  (this can be done without 
the high pressure).  Perhaps these crystals won't be as destructive as the 
normal water ice variety.

The more suspended animation becomes a true reality, the more likely we can 
use it on living beings before significant mental decline occurs. 

Live long and well!

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