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From: "Trygve B. Bauge" <>
Subject: 1.Electronic thermometers. 2. Tv program.
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 10:16:00 +0200

 Do you know of any electronic thermometers,
 that also meassures and stores electronically the lowest and highest
 so that these later can be read and logged (or even printed out on a roll

 I once saw a non electronic thermometer that did the same.
 It had a temperature lever that pushed other levers one that indicated the
 highest meassured temperature and one that indicated the lowest.

 If you know any sources and/or prices for either,
 please let me know.

Please respond to  since I don't read every issue of


By the way G.N.P.an outfit from Canada is working on a 30 minute cryonic
program to air
in Canada and possibly later on the National Geographic Channel,
if anyone else wants to be put in touch with them, please let me know.

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