X-Message-Number: 12042
From: "David M Brown" <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 15:22:23 +0000
Subject: cryostasis careers yet?

hi everyone. i recently posted a question on the crsociety list and 
a member suggested your list. i signed on two days ago and i'm 
enjoying things so far. i am not involved in the the cryostasis 
culture or industry but have always found the topic fascinating. i am 
a cryogenic technician by trade. i maintain and  repair air 
separation plants, dewars, high pressure systems, rechargers, and 
oxygen analyzers(once in a blue moon). in the past i have cruised 
around the various cryonic sites and it seemed that most of the 
field's technicians are from a medical background. does the 
cryostasis industry have a use for cryogenic technicians of a 
non-medical background? is the upkeep, maintenance, and n2 servicing 
needs of the various groups being handled in house or is it being 
contracted out to a specialty gas company such as air products or boc 
gases? any input or guidance on this subject is greatly appreciated! 
thanks for your input.       

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