X-Message-Number: 12062
Date: Sun, 4 Jul 1999 12:48:31 EDT
Subject: LEF

In discussing the desirability of promoting cryonics through positivism or 
optimism, Dave Pascal has noted, and I have chipped in, that the Life 
Extension Foundation (LEF) for example, selling vitamins and supplements, is 
very positive in its advertising, although one of its principals, Saul Kent, 
is much less positive about cryonics. We have EMPHASIZED that we are not 
criticizing LEF or impugning its honesty--merely pointing out that as a 
universal business rule, the vendor naturally tends to accentuate the 
positive, and those who do that most effecitvely tend to be the ones who 
remain in business. 

Nevertheless, there are sure to be hasty readers who conclude that we are 
denigrating LEF, so I am repeating a note from John de Rivaz, who points out 
(and I think at least one other person has also) that LEF has been known to 
backtrack and ackknowledge mistakes. Specifically, at one time LEF publicized 
the possible efficacy of shark cartilage against cancer, but then later 
published new information indicating that SC is not effective against cancer.

There is sometimes a thin line between optimism and deception, to be sure. 
Honesty must come first. But if you have honest reasons for optimism, then to 
refrain from conveying this optimism is obviously counterproductive.

Robert Ettinger
Cryonics Institute
Immortalist Society

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