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Date: Mon, 05 Jul 1999 10:20:50 -0700

Subject: Announcement from BioTransport, Inc, CryoCare Foundation, and Advanced 
BioSciences, Inc.
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July 1, 1999 
 As of July 1st, 1999, principals of BioTransport, Inc.,
 CryoCare Foundation, and Advanced BioSciences, Inc. have
 signed a binding letter of intent affirming that Advanced
 BioSciences intends to sublicense new cryopreservation
 technology to BioTransport, and BioTransport intends to use
 this technology to provide enhanced service to Alcor and
 CryoCare members.
 While a formal contract has not been negotiated, principals
 at the three companies are optimistic that such a contract
 can exist by the end of this year.
 BioTransport was formed initially by Fred Chamberlain, Linda
 Chamberlain, Joe Hovey, and Michael Riskin, of Alcor, as an
 independent provider of human cryopreservation services
 including remote standby, transport, perfusion, and cooldown.
 Michael Riskin, who is now CFO and Vice President of
 BioTransport, has taken a highly active role this year in
 developing the new company as an independent provider of
 human cryopreservation services including remote standby,
 transport, perfusion, and cooldown. It will first offer its
 services to CryoCare and Alcor members, with others to follow
 if satisfactory contracts can be negotiated.
 Advanced BioSciences was created this year to develop
 cryonics applications from recent research at 21st Century
 Medicine. 21st now conducts only cryobiology research, having
 spun off its hypothermia and resuscitation projects into a
 new, separate company named Critical Care Research. 21st has
 no involvement in cryonics and will be launching sales of its
 first product this summer, the SuperCool X-1000 Ice Blocker.
 CryoCare Foundation and the Alcor Foundation are cryonics
 organizations whose needs are complementary. Alcor has
 expressed interest in results of recent research, while
 CryoCare wishes to restore its ability to deliver remote-
 standby service and enhance its cryopreservation services.
 BioTransport should be able to satisfy these needs on a basis
 that will be mutually beneficial.
 In the future, BioTransport and/or Advanced BioSciences may
 negotiate agreements with additional clients. Currently,
 however, Alcor and CryoCare are the only cryonics
 organizations negotiating to receive improved technology from
 Advanced BioSciences and cryopreservation service from
 This announcement is made jointly by Saul Kent, Chairman and
 CEO of Advanced BioSciences and 21st Century Medicine;
 Charles Platt, President of CryoCare; and Michael Riskin, CFO
 and Vice President for Business Development at BioTransport.

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