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Date: Mon, 05 Jul 1999 15:14:11 -0700
From: Yuri Pichugin <>
Subject: Re: about Pichugin

Hi, everybody!

I don't  want to discuss who is who and who esteems who. It is better
for me to spend my time for the work for the sake of cryonics. I esteem
all cryonicists! Instead of the discussion, I send my article "My Appeal
to Cryonicists" which was published in The Venturist magazine (1998,
vol. 2, #8, p. 7-9) to Mike Darwin, Charles Platt, Paul Wakfer, Saul
Kent, and David Pascal. I can send this article to everybody who will
wish seriously to think of paramount problems of cryonics and
immortalism. I don't consider the question about whom method is better
as a paramount problem of cryonics.

Nevertheless, I am infinitely grateful The Cryonics Institute, The
Immortalist Society, and personally Robert Ettinger for their support of
me and my strengthening for the sake of cryonics in the very hard
situation at the Ukraine. It was a big probability that I can simply
perish physically as that has happened and happens with people in the
countries of the former USSR (that "Impire of evil" became even worse

On the other hand, I not only esteem but also bow before Saul Kent, Paul
Wakfer, Charles Platt, Mike Darwin. Thank them for their strengthening
for the sake of cryonics!

Thank Dr. Fahy very much for his invitation to me to take part in the
Prometheus Project. Thank also Dr. Morin and Paul Wakfer for their
agreement with Dr. Fahy's invitation in the end. I think we will be able
to overcome difficulties owing to insufficient financing the Project
together with you, dear cryonicists. I hope the Project will be

Let us wake this world!

Best wishes --

Yuri Pichugin

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