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From: "George Smith" <>
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Subject: A Formal Proposal to Test Marketing.
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 1999 16:09:26 -0700

In Message #12057, Saul Kent answered my question as to how we can begin to
follow David Pascal's intelligent suggestion that we pursue a professional
marketing effort.  He said, in part:

"Here's how.  [we can begin] By people like you and
Mr. Pascal putting up money to help
fund a professional marketing
campaign for cryonics.  Then, when
you urge other individuals and cryonics
organizations to provide funding for
such a campaign, you can cite your-
selves as prime examples of people
who are willing to put their money
where their mouth is."

Okay, you're on.

I wish to formally propose that we suspend all scientific research into
cryonics and place ALL RESEARCH FUNDS AVAILABLE into pursuing David Pascal's
suggestion for a period of one year.

Research projects have been going on for years and without the kind of
results which would prevent you, yourself, Saul, from being publically
pessimistic regarding cryonics.

Okay.  The research approach hasn't worked for years.

It may not produce convincing results for decades to come.

So let us try FOR ONE YEAR ONLY to promote cryonics professionally and see
if THAT works.

If such a marketing efffort is successful, we will have all the money you
could wish for to promote and accelerate research.

If it doesn't work, at least we will not waste any more time wondering "what

And, of course, it could fall somewhere in the middle.

I am not a marketing professional.  I am also not a millionaire (as I
understand you are).  However, money IS being spent on research.

Let's redirect that money for only one year and test the facts.

I have read some of your company's promotional material and it is very slick
and well done.  Obviousy YOU know the kinds of people needed to try this.

Well, what do you think?  Shall we endlessly debate why we all know we are
right (while we produce no meaningful results), or shall we try and conduct
a worhtwhile test?

Or is it that we honestly do not have enough money being currently spend on
research to do this now anyway?

I await your responses, one and all.

George Smith
Cryonics Insititute member

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