X-Message-Number: 12074
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 06:24:41 -0400
From: Saul Kent <>
Subject: George Smith's Proposal

        In msg. #12072, George Smith responded
to my challenge in msg. #12057 to him (and others) 
who have strongly advocated a professional market-
ing campaign for cryonics to "put their money where 
their mouth is."  I did so because people and organi-
zations are more likely to be persuaded to follow an
advocate's position if that advocate is willing to 
commit time, money and energy to the further-
ance of his or her position.

        Instead, Mr. Smith proposed that I put 
*my* money where *his* mouth is.  As readers of this
forum know, I believe that the best use of my money
at this time is the funding of research.  That approach
*is*, indeed, working.  Through research, we've made
documented advances that have great potential for the
practice of cryonics.  Recently, I started a new company 
(Advanced BioSciences) and invested even more of my 
money to help apply these advances to cryonics.

        Once these advances are implemented
by the cryonics community, I believe it will be easier to
sell cryonics than it is today.  In fact, at that time, I plan
to invest some of my money in the marketing of cryonics.
However, most of my money will continue to be invested
in research to produce ever-better cryonics methods,
and to exploit the advances we've made (and will 
continue to make) for lucrative applications in main-
stream science, medicine, agriculture and industry.

        Mr. Smith says that, if a well-funded 
professional marketing effort is "...successful, 
we will have all the money you could wish for to 
promote and accelerate research."  Well, my 
approach is the exact opposite of this.  I believe 
that by effectively exploiting the research I am 
funding, I (and others who have invested in this 
research) will have all the money we need to 
successfully market far better cryonics methods 
than are available today.  Moreover, I believe 
that the widespread availability (and successful 
marketing) of these advanced methods will 
significantly improve the chances of survival 
for cryonicists throughout the world.

---Saul Kent

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