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From: john grigg <>
Subject: The exciting state of things now!
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 1999 19:19:05 PDT

Hello everyone,

I have been on this list for over a year now and find the posts here at on 
all-time best in terms of things happening.  I read in one of the cryonics 
magazines an article written by Charles Platt that seemed to really indicate 
that the quantum leap forward in regards to vitrification had occurred.  
There were even pictures showing this in lab experiments.

I realize that patents must be gotten first but still I wonder when will the 
details be out on just how advanced these new methods are?  By next summer 
can I hope to learn to what level we have progressed?  My original 
impression was that true brain vitrification was here and we had basically 
climbed to the summit!

I find it funny how the Extropians are obsessed with uploading and tend to 
in general be actually bothered by the idea of cryonic suspension.  Some of 
them have told me that I may not even need to be suspended because of 
possible longevity science advances but I find this a very dubious 

Saul Kent may be a multi-millionaire but even he could be bankrupted by a 
modern advertising campaign.  I have read that a thorough one can easily run 
around one-hundred million dollars!!  A budget like that only can come from 
the government (military recruiting), a big church (your Mormon neighbors) 
or a fortune 500 corporation (Taco Bell!).

In about a month the Extro 4 will be starting.  Are any of you going to 
attend?  I would like to but finances this year will not permit.    If only 
I could get my permanent dividend check early this year.  I hope they at 
least have photos of the event afterwards on their website.

I have enjoyed reading the posts on why people do not choose cryonic 
suspension.  I myself can feel the joy of living seeping out of me and I am 
only thirty-two years old.  Fear of not succeeding professionally and with a 
mate eat at me.  Already I feel deterioration in my bodies capacities as 
well as the early scorn of a youth obsessed culture.  I find it strange 
being rebuffed by women in their twenties who see me as "old".  I could see 
myself in twenty or thirty years really looking forward to death at this 
rate.  I think that my anger at the unfairness of life may keep me going 
though.  Anger sometimes can be a good thing.


John Grigg

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