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Subject: Any other opinions re 1-Year Marketing Test?
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 12:14:23 -0700

Thus far all postings to cryonet regarding my suggestion we divert research
funding for one year to a professional marketing effort have been opposed to
doing so.

Is there anyone who has a belief that there might be a value to following
such a suggestion?

Remember, we have no guarantee that the amounts of money being currently
spent on research with our present state of primitive knowledge and
technology may not prove later to have been entirely worthless.

We may discover later that we are at this stage in the same position as the
cartoon of the caveman who has just drawn a picture of a television set on
the cave wall saying, "It's a great idea but we just don't have the

If we simply do not have the money needed to even consult with professional
marketing experts to do preliminary testing of how to sell cryonics, if the
amounts are completely out of our reach, so be it.

(By the way, does anyone actually know what this would cost?).

But let's not have blind faith that the money being devoted to research NOW
is going to actually bear fruit.  WE DON'T KNOW YET.

I am only suggesting devoting a LIMITED sum of money currently earmarked for
research for a LIMITED period of time to honestly determine if we can swell
the ranks of this movement.

Please don't have blind faith in TODAY'S technology and do not have blind
faith in MARKETING either.  However, if it is affordable, we can test
marketing NOW, whereas for all we know the only meaningfully productive
research may be YEARS in our future, and current research may prove to have
been a blind alley.

This could prove to be entirely true, my friends.

Don't lose perspective.

So, is everyone opposed to this approach at this time, primarily due to a
belief that the cost is out of our reach?

If so, what is this pricetag we are rejecting?

Oh, by the way, I am not a marketing professional and do not expect to
profit financially in any way by advocating anything to promote cryonics.  I
have no hidden agenda not competing product to offer.  My career and income
are not dependent upon swaying anyone reading these words.  What you see is
what you get.

George Smith
Cryonics Institute member

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