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Date: Thu, 08 Jul 1999 02:02:28 +0000
From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #12074 - #12080
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CryoNet wrote:
> Message #12080
> From: john grigg <>
> Subject: The exciting state of things now!
> Date: Tue, 06 Jul 1999 19:19:05 PDT
> I find it funny how the Extropians are obsessed with uploading and tend to
> in general be actually bothered by the idea of cryonic suspension.  Some of
> them have told me that I may not even need to be suspended because of
> possible longevity science advances but I find this a very dubious
> assertion.

I identify as Extropian, and I have no problem with cryonic 
suspension (neither do a number of my bracelet-sporting Extropian 
friends).  However, I do think I may not need to be suspended.  I'm
almost 39, and I expect that in 40 years medical science will 
probably be able to give me another 40, and at the rate that things
are going, by then we should have this aging thing licked.  My own
personal opinion, which I don't feel like fielding rebuttals to.
> In about a month the Extro 4 will be starting.  Are any of you going to
> attend?

I plan to be there.

> I have enjoyed reading the posts on why people do not choose cryonic
> suspension.  I myself can feel the joy of living seeping out of me and I am
> only thirty-two years old.  Fear of not succeeding professionally and with a
> mate eat at me.  Already I feel deterioration in my bodies capacities as
> well as the early scorn of a youth obsessed culture.  I find it strange
> being rebuffed by women in their twenties who see me as "old".  I could see
> myself in twenty or thirty years really looking forward to death at this
> rate.  I think that my anger at the unfairness of life may keep me going
> though.  Anger sometimes can be a good thing.

Hm.  You sound depressed to me -- diminishment of joie de vivre
is a prime symptom.  Run, do not walk, your fingers to what may be
the best self-help book on the market, The Feeling Good Handbook
( http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0452281326/klwenterprisesA )
by David Burns.  The latest edition just came out in 1999, and in 
addition to many excellent mood management strategies and exercises, 
it includes a large section on commonly-prescribed psychiatric drugs.

Please try it out -- I think it's important that cryonicists enjoy

Kennita Watson


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