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Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 05:34:59 -0700 (PDT)
From: diana singh <>
Subject: Cryonics/promotion/restoration/message on the moon

Hi everyone,

I am a new subscriber and am writing from India. Some
of you guys are doing a great job of promoting cryonics.
Lets not forget what Mr.Ettinger proposed three decades 
ago.It was a rare vision which very few of us can equal.

I know very little of cryonics. But I have a great 
desire to become a member as soon as my financial
position allows me to do so.

In India the knowledge of cryonics is very rare.In fact
a lot of people I know have not heard the word "cryonics".

Our religions and philosophies have dealth with the 
subject of death very often.In fact in hinduism "karma",
"kal","samadhi","nirvana" are some of the terms which
deal with concepts of life after death, time, consiousness
outside the body and so on. I am not at all familiar
with the details so don't ask me! (I believe some of 
you may know more than I do about these Indian concepts)

Mike Perry wrote about "Future restoration". I would like
to add/ask a few things here.

a.  Have all the cryonics experts taken into account
a likely impact by a comet on the planet that might 
destroy the "suspended" patients leaving no "information"
about the person whatsoever.

b. Why are some cryonic organisations not taking up 
suspension programmes in developing countries(like India).
The cost will be lower and the savings can be used for
effective promotion.In fact some countries might give you
land/real estate for free in return for the dollars that
they will earn after the facility goes on stream(more
tourists/prospective members/relatives).

c. I think you guys (especially CI, ACS) should come out
with a end of the century book/documentary/conference 
that highlights your achievements
and gives a plan for the next twenty years. This should be
targetted at the business class (who have lots of money)
and try to enlist the public support of one of the pharma
majors(In US or Europe). 

d. Cryonics has to be made a profitable business proposition
(I do not know if it is today) for it to attract big money.

e. Mr.Ettinger had replied to one of my queries about
brain suspension by saying that CI does not offer this
kind of service because of probable bad PR. I think it 
could be true the other way round. If people can have
a decent burial/cremation and also be able to preserve
their brain cryonics might just take off. I myself would
prefer a brain suspension only. What we should remember
is that we are concerned only in preserving our identity.
That can be done with brain suspension.

f. As far as the critics of cryonics are concerned I 
think we should only listen if they can disprove the
whole idea. Anything else is a waste of time.When I was
reading Mr.Ettinger's book "Prospects of immortality"
I found that chapter two was missing. I got it downloaded
in five minutes(From US to India,sounds naive but it has
to be said, and it's still a wonder for many in our country
(the internet)).
Imagine Christopher Colombus on a ship centuries ago. 
And he finds that one of his maps is ruined. If someone
from his crew had suggested divine intervention to get
a copy from Spain in five minutes Chrispopher would 
have called that man a lunatic.

g. There is one more important thing that you  
have probably missed. As I said in (a.) what happens
if a comet strikes Earth. What if all the people who 
are supposed to revive us are dead and gone(or humanity
becomes extinct). I think we have to leave some kind 
of message just standing outside the planet or on the
moon or wherever( someone will surely come out with
a good idea) that there are "suspended" people waiting
to be revived. It should naturally give directions to 
the finder of where to locate us. You never KNOW!!



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