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From: "Scott Badger" <>
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Subject: Re: A Formal Proposal to Test Marketing
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1999 10:57:56 -0500

Hi Gang!

Here's my $ .02.  I am against delaying research in cryonics.  I am for
developing successful marketing strategies.  Geez, I hope I haven't gone too
far out on a limb there.  8^)

Allow me to submit a more substantive recommendation, however.

Every semester of every year, scores of graduate students in MBA marketing
programs at dozens of universities across the country struggle to come up
with interesting and challenging projects.  For practically no money
whatsoever, we could contact marketing professors or perhaps the presidents
of the MBA marketing clubs to generate some interest in targeting cryonics
for this purpose.  I'm sure that it occurs to many firms to seek free
marketing expertise like this, but I believe that cryonics is unique enough
to capture the imagination of many graduate students who will be working on
Madison Avenue in a few years.

We can, at the least, provide them with (1) a plethora of cryonet postings
debating the marketing issue to give them an idea of what ground we've
already covered  (I have, in fact, already collected the relevant postings),
(2) the article I wrote on consumer attitudes and familiarity with cryonics,
(3) current marketing literature from the various cryonics firms.

If broad consensus were reached that this idea is worth pursuing, I might be
persuaded to volunteer some more of my time to contacting some of the
university marketing departments.  The cryonics firms would need to agree to
spend some time consulting with the students, providing them with parameters
regarding budgets, goals, etc.

I have already mentioned this idea to a couple of the cryonics firms.  I
received a polite note of thanks, but little interest was expressed.  Thus I
feel the need to offer this idea up to the members of this list for their
kind consideration and commentary.

Best regards,

Scott Badger

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