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Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 00:27:35 -0700
From: Mike Perry <>
Subject: Reply on "restoration" etc.

Gurvinder, #12089, writes:

>Hi everyone,
>I am a new subscriber and am writing from India.

Welcome to CryoNet!
>Mike Perry wrote about "Future restoration". I would like
>to add/ask a few things here.
>a.  Have all the cryonics experts taken into account
>a likely impact by a comet on the planet that might 
>destroy the "suspended" patients leaving no "information"
>about the person whatsoever.
This sort of thing has been considered, probably many times. Fortunately,
such an event is not very common and not a major worry at present. It would
only become an issue, say, if you anticipated a *very* long period of

storage, say thousands or millions of years, which I don't think will be needed.

>b. Why are some cryonic organisations not taking up 
>suspension programmes in developing countries(like India).

A big factor is that cryonicists and their resources are still very limited,
in terms of what would be needed. Also there has been very little demand so
far. If enough people in a given area want something badly enough, *they
themselves* will generally find ways to make it happen. That's how cryonics
got going in the first place.
>e. Mr.Ettinger had replied to one of my queries about
>brain suspension by saying that CI does not offer this
>kind of service because of probable bad PR. I think it 
>could be true the other way round. If people can have
>a decent burial/cremation and also be able to preserve
>their brain cryonics might just take off. I myself would
>prefer a brain suspension only. What we should remember
>is that we are concerned only in preserving our identity.
>That can be done with brain suspension.
I would certainly favor this approach over burial or cremation. But getting
the brain out of the skull generally is quite damaging--the brain is so
delicate. Better to freeze the whole head with the brain still inside. This
is the "neuro" option, which some organizations allow. I don't think it has
led to a significant loss of customers who are upset by the fact of its
being offered, because the whole body option is also available. 

Mike Perry

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