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From: "Billy H. Seidel" <>
Subject: Jeff Davis Marketing. Message 12098
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 06:52:28 -0700

Jeff You wrote and asked for opinions:

>From a purely mathematical point of view we can easily see the possibility
>of value.  If one year's research money diverted to marketing produces a
>per annum doubling of available funds, then at the end of year two we break
>even, and in each subsequent year are able to afford double the previous
>yearly budget for research, or marketing, or whatever.  But this is a
>rather simplistic analysis, something akin to saying "If it works, it
>works."  Intellectual honesty requires that you add, "And if it doesn't, it
>doesn't, and then you've wasted a year's time and a year's worth of
>research funding."

I welcome any idea that will help the cryonics movement.  Essentially the
more people involved the better my chances are of getting thawed out
sometime in the future. I have a few thoughts about the above statement.

1.  IF one year's research money ------.  The IF is too BIG.  We already
have momentum in research we can not give that up.
2.  The money is not mine. I can't divert any money anyplace.  I am not the
one that needs to be convinced.  You have to convince the people with the
money or do it yourself.
3.. Before you can sell something you have to have something to sell.  Right
now Cryonics is just a dream. How many people do you know that will buy a
dream?  You can get better odds on any game in Las Vegas.
4.  I already belong to that group of dreamers that wants to believe
cryonics will work. I don't need to be convinced, so advertising dollars
would be a waste on me. Being very selfish I want MY chances made better. If
I had a say, I would put even more money into research.  This would improve
my immediate chances even more.

I am not so sure that, even if we could prove that cryonics will work,
people will buy into it. We are after all only talking about an insurance
policy that has a very slim chance of paying off.  There is no guarantee and
no proof. So what have we got to sell?

Just my thoughts at the moment.  Lets all keep on thinking

Bill Seidel

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