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Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 05:41:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: diana singh <>
Subject: diana/restoration/revival

Hi  everyone,

Thanks Mike, George and Thomas for answering some of my questions.
Let me make one little point clear.The name that you see on the
i.e. diana singh is my daughter(the account is in her name). My name is
Gurvinder (Gullu for short). I woudn't mind if you rather addresed to
(I'm her father so naturally you can) but she will not be able to
discuss cryonics for atleast another 10 years! (she's only 9).

Those of you who are not too worried about comets/asteriods (except
I would like to add that  cryonics is such a field that it requires the
from the people involved. Best in the sense that you really have to go 
into each and every detail before you can even think of reviving
A small mistake could be very costly. So if we have to be so careful
why not
go that extra mile and ensure that we are not hit by asteriods/comets.
I mean 
how many times in the history of human beings has the potential for
been discussed. We are luckly enough to be alive in this century. So
lets give it 
our best.

I think revival can become real because of the following possibilities;

a.  The invention of the quantum computer. It will make the task of
a patient very easy(Faaast/Speeed). Hooked up to guide a  nano machine
it will
automatically repair the damaged portions of the brain/body
tissue.(these nano machs
will have to be in large quantities like white blood cells).

b. The possibility of just reviving one brain cell and then it repairs
the others around
it  and so on leading to complete overhaul.

c. Replace the damaged portion with embronic tissue made from the same
which then takes over the repair/development  using natural forces that
are still

d.  No two brains are the same but the connectedness  they have is 
probably similar.
By using an alive person's brain the patient's brain will be
like sensing  the direction of the stock market by watching a few
stocks for
some time(I'm in the market and I always use this technique to prepare
for the day)).

e.  As far as neuronal loose ends are concerned (Thomas) I feel the
brain connects
in the most efficient way (takes a shorter route probably, to save
energy). So connecting the ends and ending up with the most efficient
(shortest connections) network of neurons 
might solve this one(view!).

I  hope some of you don't laugh at the above. I still have a long way
go before I can really participate.



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