X-Message-Number: 12125
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 12:57:27 EDT
Subject: Redin, Skrecky 

Magnus Redin (#12117) asks whether it would be useful to cryopreserve e.g. 
pigs by older methods, current methods, and by new methods as they become 
current, in order to test future revival procedures. 

If necessary, that can always be done later. Doing it now would be a 
significant expense. Further, it may be unnecessary, given future knowledge, 
future scanning methods, and the use of computer simulation.

Doug Skrecky (#12119) asks about possible storage of human brains by CI, to 
save money. 

As has been noted previously, storing brains, rather than heads, would risk 
further damage and add expense, while not saving a great deal on storage. 

And CI's price for whole-body is already lower than that of other 
organizations for neuro, so cost is not much of an issue, and is offset, we 
think, by the negative PR image. True, there are always some who could afford 
(say) $10,000 but could not afford $28,000; but usually that differential is 
not the issue. Most people can afford $28,000. 

Nevertheless, we are working toward maximum flexibility, and intend when 
feasible and prudent to offer all available options, including some low-cost 
combination of drying, chemical fixation, and relatively high temperature 
storage--as well as the newer procedures now in development, which may have 
much higher prices.

Robert Ettinger
Cryonics Institute
Immortalist Society

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