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Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 13:32:33 GMT
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>CryoNet - Fri 16 Jul 1999
>    #12138: Possible Cyronics Documentary [Shane Brubaker]
>Message #12138
>From: "Shane Brubaker" <>
>Subject: Possible Cyronics Documentary
>Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 11:43:39 PDT
>  Sunny Menon, an independent film producer, is currently considering a 
>documentary on Cryonics (and mind uploading).  I think this will present a 
>great opportunity to spread the word and for both of us to learn more about 
>the field.
>  Mr. Menon has a strong background in films and theatre to his credit.  He 
>has been interviewed on Indian television for a recent documentary.  
>Articles on the only film ever made on the subject appeared in various 
>newspapers here in the west.
>  I have a life-long interest in Cryonics (yes I'll be signing up soon) and 
>a background that includes Neuroscience, brain imaging, and Information 
>Theory.  I am particulary interested in uploading the Information contained 
>in the (probably) frozen brain.
>  1.  We would like to hear from anyone who would be interested in being 
>involved in the project.  If you have any ideas for interesting 
>people/places/things for the film, please let us know.
>  2.  I realize there have been a few documentaries on Cryonics.  What is 
>your opinion on the value of making another documentary?  What angle(s) 
>would you like to see emphasized?

Yes, in the documentary there should be some input from the "other
side," i.e., a mainstream cryobiologist (and something substantive,
too, not just the standard one-line rejection; but it would be nice if
afterward the cryonicists could *answer* back; in fact why not have a
back-and-forth dialogue between the sides?

Cryonics: Gateway to the Future?

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